Friday June 25 2:30 PM 
Meet at Allan Gardens, corner of Carleton & Sherbourne
Wheelchair access van: SE corner of Dundas & Yonge at 2:00 PM
Meal served
Sign language interpretation available

We are calling on all women and trans people to join the Gender Justice contingent as we lead off the Toronto Community Day of Action March against the G20. We are marching for freedom from all forms of violence and for control over our bodies and our lives, including freedom of sexual and reproductive choice, for women and children, trans and queer people everywhere! 

We demand funding for the healthcare we need – including the full range of family planning options, access to medication and safe, legal abortions for women, and full access and reproductive choice for all women everywhere!

Women, children, and trans people bear the brunt of climate degradation, violence, war and racism, colonialism, ageism, and economic inequality. We want peace and an end to male violence – from the violence in our homes, workplaces and in public spaces to the violence caused by war, occupation and exploitation of all kinds!

Indigenous women are disproportionately victimized and incarcerated. We demand action to legally and materially ensure the security and equality of indigenous women and two-spirited people on Turtle Island!

Women and their families are displaced by war, by privatization and climate disasters caused by government and corporate actions, and are forced to migrate with their families to survive and thrive, only to be faced with criminalization and racism in Canada. We demand an end to the harassment and deportations of migrant women who have precarious status!

We demand an end to all laws that threaten the rights of women, trans and queer people around the world, such as those requiring women to take off their niqab to receive public services, and those that criminalize queer sexuality and sex work/workers.

We demand pension protection, pay equity, adequate income supports, workplace protections, affordable housing and funded childcare!

Women’s equality rights must be protected! We demand that the Canadian government reinstate the Court Challenges program and restore funding to Status of Women Canada and other women’s advocacy and research groups!

We must end the influence of religious fundamentalists in Ottawa!

Bring your signs and banners, pots and pans, whistles and chants, and march to reclaim our city. We will end with a block party and tent city.

Justice for our Communities! No to the G8/G20! Yes to taking back our city!

Children and their families are invited to attend the People First! We Deserve Better! G8 & G20 Rally and March on Saturday, June 26 @ 1:00 p.m. at Queen’s Park in Toronto

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Info about the Toronto Community Day of Action at or 416-925-6939
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