Dear Friends and Allies,

We are writing to you on behalf of the Organizing group for the June 25th Community Mobilization against the G20 in Toronto.

This ad-hoc network came together as way of building a community led response to the G20 in Toronto, and to link the policies of the G20
agenda to the ongoing work of our organizations and the campaigns that we carry out on a daily basis. We want to send a message loud and
clear to the G20, and to the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments, that our communities are opposed to their economic
policies at home and abroad, and that we will be here to resist them on June 25th.

The organizations involved include: No One is Illegal, the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, Jane-Finch Action Against Poverty, LIFEmovement, Disability Action Movement Now 2025, Women’s  Coordinating Committee Chile – Canada, No Games Toronto, South Asian
Women’s Rights Organization, ad-hoc Gender Justice Coalition, Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid and Students Against Israeli Apartheid amongst others that are joining us now.

We want to encourage your organization to join in and support the mobilization for June 25th. Many organizations are taking on different
roles for the day – for instance, the ad-hoc Gender Justice Coalition will be leading off the march out of Allan Gardens park to make the
links to Harper’s despicable attacks on Women’s Rights.

Here are some ways that you can get involved:

1)      Mobilize: join us in the organizing committee! Organize a contingent from your neighborhood, community organization, or Union
local to join the Demonstration on June 25th. Buses are being booked and arranged right now – so feel free to contact us about this and/or
organize your own bus for the day.

2)      Donations: the efforts for June 25th are entirely volunteer and community led, which means that we are running on a very small
budget. We urgently need financial donations (from Union locals, organizations or individuals) of any amount. We also urgently need
in-kind donations of access to photocopying facilities and printing.

Lastly, the plan for June 25th includes an overnight ‘Tent-City’ in the downtown core where we will be taking space, so we are looking for
donations of camping equipment such as sleeping bags, blankets, tents, sleeping mats, tarps, rope, etc.

*Donations can be dropped off at: the OCAP office @ 10 Britain St (call ahead to make sure they are open: 416-925-6939)

3)      Outreach: help us get the word out about June 25th by forwarding the call-out over your lists, picking up posters and leaflets, announcements in newsletters or local newspapers. Materials are available to be downloaded from our website at:, or picked up from the following locations:

·         OPIRG – U of T Office: 563 Spadina Ave
·         OPIRG – York Office: C449 Student Centre, York University
·         OCAP Office: 10 Britain St (near Queen and Sherbourne)

*Organizers are also available to come to meetings or events to make announcements, bring materials, or even do a longer workshop about the
G20 policies and local struggles.
Thank you for taking the time to go through this letter. Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions or questions. We look forward to working with you in opposing the policies of the G20 and demanding real Justice for Our Communities – not just on June 25th, but in our day-to-day work throughout the year.

-June 25th Organizing Committee

For more information about June 25th, visit, email