Our organizations are campaigning for the some of the following demands:

-Stop the theft and plunder of indigenous lands: Indigenous sovereignty now!
-Housing for all
-Status for All! Justice for Migrants and Refugees!
-Free/Funded Childcare and Daycare!
-Accessibility legislation that means something – NOW!
-Reverse the cut to the Special Diet, Raise Welfare/Disability Rates!
-Stop psychiatric assault
-Access to Social Services Without Fear (irrespective of Immigration Status)
– Environmental and Climate Justice For All 
-No to the Pan Am Games!
-End Israeli Apartheid! Respect the call for Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions!
-Stop racial profiling
-Free and accessible transit
-Stop the privatization of city property
-Justice for migrant and non-status workers
-Affordable and accessible post-secondary education
-Remove the cap on Direct Funding for Attendant Care
-Police out of Schools
-Stop the Social Cleansing of the Downtown East End
-Stop Police Brutality, Impunity, and Militarization of Communities
– Stop all state and personal violence against women and children, trans and queer people.
– Guarantee freedom of sexual and reproductive choice and control over our bodies and lives.
– Boycott of Chilean Fruit and Wine for the Freedom of the Mapuche Political Prisoners

(To join the organizing, and to add your local campaign demands to this call, email seetheg8onyourstreet@gmail.com)

For more information about June 25th, visit https://25june.wordpress.com, email seetheg8onyourstreet@gmail.com, or call 416-925-6939

For more details on the broader G8/G20 Convergence in Toronto, visit http://g20.torontomobilize.org